We have settled into our new home on Damariscotta Lake in Nobleboro, Maine and are roasting coffee fresh every other weekend.  I have updated the website with our current beans and blends and have adjusted for the rise in bean prices and shipping.  One long-time customer has informed us that we are still quite reasonable for on-demand artisan roasting of premium arabica beans.  This is more of a hobby than a business for us.  We do it because we are hooked on fresh-roasted (dated on the bag) coffee that uses cool and non-typical beans.   You true coffee lovers help us by enabling us to buy green (unroasted) beans by the pallet load (currently about 700 lbs) which keeps the cost of beans down.  We roast in our back yard on new equipment I just built under the cover of an upper deck while enjoying the lovely view of Damariscotta Lake.  We bag, label and pack for shipping at a workstation I built in our garage.  Here are some things you can do that help us.

  1. Make sure you are on our regular email roast alert list so you can fit your orders into our every-other-weekly roasting cycle.  If you are not on the list, please email us requesting to be on it at  Please include a contact phone number in case we get a bounce back or need to contact you about a roast.
  2. If you can, try to order 4 bags at a time.  This gets you free shipping and keeps you supplied for a while.  We recommend you immediately put 3 bags in the freezer (in the high-quality bags we use) and start brewing the 4th bag immediately.  When you are done with the first bag, draw out a second bag and start brewing from it.  The fresh roast will be preserved just fine in the freezer — do not put the bags in and out repeatedly because that adds moisture.  Simply put them in once and take out once and you’ll be surprised how fresh the coffee stays.
  3.  We can take payment through email contact (at in which you tell us what you would like and mail us a check or use Venmo (we can give you our Venmo info) or through our website and Paypal.                         Thank-you for helping us keep our coffee fresh-roasted and our beans uniquely cool.