Fair Trade Organic HONDURAS

 This is a wonderful under-the-radar bean that carries all the major certifications: organic and fair trade.  It represents a nice cross-section between the heavier chocolate/nut/butter flavored beans and the lighter citrus flavored varieties. This is the classic moca-java ideal that we aim at in our blends.  It could truly be said that this bean “has it all.” The Wall Street Journal called it: 

“A Prince of the coffee bean.” 


  1. DARK ROAST: This is also known as “French Roast.”  It is the color of dark chocolate.  It has a full strong roast flavor.
  2. FULL-CITY ROAST: This is our regular roast level. It is the color of milk chocolate.  It has a slight roast edge but you can still taste the full flavor of the bean.




Whole Bean/Ground

2 thoughts on “Fair Trade Organic HONDURAS

  1. I got the Bali bean and I LOVE it!!! With other coffees I have odd side effects like shaky hands and a caffeine crash after-but not with Green truck coffee 🙂 Every time I take a sip of my morning coffee I know it’s going to be a good day.

  2. Today I tried the ‘Lolita Blend’ and I have really fallen for it! It’s a great mellow blend-having it with cookies now and they compliment eachother gradly 🙂

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