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What Is Green Truck Coffee?

Green Truck Coffee is a small-scale husband and wife team roasting company located in Swansboro, NC.  We  roast in small batches as our vendors, local customers and Internet orders require, ensuring freshness.  Our coffee is packaged in one-way valved bags that allow CO2 to escape and prevents O2 from entering, and includes a zip-lock seal to maintain freshness.  We roast twice a week and send out roasting alerts via email to all our registered customers.  Go to the “Beans” tabs to see our bean and blends offerings.  If you are interested in purchasing any of our 14 oz. bags of fresh coffee, call us at (910) 467- 4695 or email us at greentruckcoffee@gmail.com.  Be sure to tell us your phone number so we can contact you if needed, tell us the bean variety, whether ground or whole bean, number of bags, and how we need to get your coffee to you.  If you live locally we can work out a delivery, if not, we can ship for cost.    Let us know if we can roast for you.

What Makes Green Truck Coffee Better Than Corporate?

We use premium beans and beans that are one category better than some corporate coffee places.  We don’t over-roast.  Over-roasted coffee tastes burned and leaves a bad after-taste.  Fresh-roasted coffee has a cleaner flavor with no bitter after-taste.  A number of our customers say they no longer use sugar or creamer because the coffee is so good.  We used to use creamer ourselves  but now drink our own coffee black.  This allows the drinker to taste the coffee without masking it with milk and sugar.  We suggest you try our coffee black first, and if you still want to add creamer/milk and or sugar, try using less than you normally would and see what you think.  We think you will find Green Truck Coffee significantly better than corporately roasted coffee and or course much better than stale grocery store coffee.  Let us know what you think of your coffee.  Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to go back to your old brand.

A Note About Our Beans

In the language of the financial investment world our bean selection strategy is what would be called “Contrarian.” The majority of coffee shops stick with a handful of “popular” sellers such as Ethiopian Yirgashev, Brazilian Cerrado, Colombian Supremo, Guatemalan Antigua, Sumatra, Kenya AA, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Kona blends and a few others. Since everybody carries these beans, demand is high and so is the price. In addition to being overpriced (for their qualities/value), these “popular” beans have a second downside–all the sellers need them all the time, so they are purchased out of season and are subject to the commodity speculation process. This means the beans sit around on docks and in warehouses making them older. We buy our lesser known beans in the season when they come to market (which varies based on the country of origin) and we are always looking for better quality premium beans (naturally processed, shade grown, organic, highest altitude, fair trade, etc…) that are less known and usually selling at a deep discount when compared to the over-priced inferior quality popular beans. What this means for you the customer is that our bean offerings change over time and that sometimes we may be out of a bean we currently have listed. It also means that we need to keep all of our customers educated about the wonderful qualities of our new bean offerings.

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  1. Hands down, the best coffee I have ever had! I was introduced to Green Truck Coffee last spring. Once I tasted it, I had to have it on a regular basis. That was great until I moved to Florida. When I finally used up what I purchased before I moved, I thought, “well, I’ll just go back to my old brand”. Bad idea. So I contacted Steve & Barbara and had them ship several bags of coffee to me. It arrived in just a few days and I was back to sipping my favorite blend. Trust me, once you try it, you won’t want to drink any other coffee! I have tried several of the blends that Steve offers and although I enjoy them all, my favorite is the E Timor, dark. I buy the whole beans and grind them fresh for each pot. Simply the best!

  2. Saw the write up about your company, today in the Daily News. We would love to try your coffee. We live in Stella, NC right up the road. WHERE can I sign up for your announcements via e-mail?? I’ve looked around on your site but can’t find it. Thank you, and we will come into your store soon. **We belong to a coffee club through Community Coffee out of Lousiana, which we love.** BUT.. to have you so close we would love to give you a try! Thanks… CJ Adams, Stella, NC

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