We have built up quite a following for our low-acid, monsoon rains processed Indian bean known as Monsoon Malabar.  We also use it in some of our blends establish a heavy base with low acid.  As often happens, the rest of the coffee world finally caught on to our little secret bean this year and the price shot up.  So we looked else where in the region for an equivalent and to our pleasant surprise found something better.  In the South West region of India known as Mysore, mining for coal in the 1800’s, they accidentally found gold.  (New discoveries of gold there continue to surface.)  The coffee been that grows in Mysore is slightly larger in size than the other beans in India, so it earned the nick-name “Gold Nuggets.”  Like the Monsoon Malabar varietal, the Mysore bean is wet processed (good for crema on espresso) and low in acid. It has a slighter lighter body (but still is considered full-body) with a sweet and spicy flavor and aromatic fragrance.  It is a unique, distinctive and classy offering.

Whole Bean/Ground

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