We just received 1,500 lbs of coffee beans. The bad news is that drought in Brazil (which we believe was over-blown and exploited for price hikes) and fungus in Central America drove raw green coffee bean prices up by almost 50%. In the rush to get better values, the corporate roasting world discovered some of our previously hidden gems (Costa Rican Tarazzu, Ethiopian East Harrar then Natural Sidamo, Salvador Santa Rita and Indian Monsoon Malabar–a couple of years ago they discovered our Bali and last year for quality reasons we had to drop our beloved Salvador Hill of Frogs). The good news is that we went farther afield, farther off the radar into places the masses haven’t dared to look yet and we found even better flavor profiled beans at really good prices. So the good news is that contrary to the rest of the coffee world this year, we have not raised our Internet prices. Please check out the descriptions in the tabs above. We love and are very excited about our new offerings and we still have some of our regular undiscovered classics.

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