no nox graphic bWe designed this blend for some friends who have acid reflux issues.  Their doctors told them they had to switch to decaf to avoid the heartburn.  We told them that would be no problem because our decaf is full-bodied with a nice roasty edge and does not taste like a decaf at all.  We gave them two more options.  We have a unique bean from India that because of the way they wash process it using the annual monsoon rains, it has a very low acid level but retains its caffeine.  Some drink the Indian coffee alone with no acid reflux response and some love our new No Nox Blend which is decaf and half low-acid Indian.  Our trial subject’s response to our new No Nox Blend was one word “Perfection.” So don’t let heartburn deprive you of one of the finer pleasures in life.

Whole Bean or Ground

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