Uganda AA (Fair Trade Organic)


Just across the border from Kenya, Uganda shares a similar climate and soil. Coffee shops have built a name (and high price) for the double picked (to remove imperfect beans) Kenya AA.  We find the coffee just across the border to be as good or better and because it lacks market recognition it is a superior value. In fact, we can get a quite similar bean, certified organic, fair trade, AA (double picked) and SHG (grown at 4000 feet or higher) for a decent price.  This is a full-bodied bean with a chocolate-nut flavor profile.  We give it our heartiest roast at a French Roast level.  It is the perfect bean for those who like “strong” coffee.  We also use it in our signature espresso blend, our V6 blend. So, from the high mountains famous for those enormous primates we bring you our “gorilla good” Organic Uganda coffee. Fair Trade also means we buy through local farmers in their own cooperatives rather than through corporate middle men.  Like all of our beans, it is naturally processed in a water process (so it gives good crema in espresso applications too).

Whole Bean/Ground