Folks, I apologize for the short notice. After 25 years of living in North Carolina we are moving to our home and family in Maine. We have 12 more days till the closing on our house. We are doing the final repairs, admin and packing for our 5th and final drive of a Penske box truck (and small Uhaul trailer) 1100 miles to our new home on Damariscotta Lake in Nobleboro, Maine. THERE ARE THREE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE ORDERING.

1. WE ARE DOING OUR LAST ROAST IN NC ON THIS MONDAY, APRIL 26 AT 10AM. So, if you want to order now, please do so before then, so we can include you on that final NC roast.

2. WE WILL NOT ROAST AGAIN UNTIL JUNE 1. This gives us time to do move in things plus I am building brand new roasting equipment (we are literally a “BIG” — “Built In the Garage” — Company.) We plan to keep roasting in Maine (after 15 years of the freshest coffee anywhere, how could we stop?) and keep mailing out orders to you folks all around the world (including my brother who is in charge of the Peace Corps in Mongolia). Since we are also a “BRO” (Backyard Roasting Operation), roasting in the winter will be a challenge we plan to surmount by putting a shed roof with concrete slab with sides and garage doors front and back onto our detached garage (on a hill on the far right of the picture just beyond what you can see). When everything is in place I will post an article with pictures.

3. WE WILL HAVE TO RAISE OUR PRICES. We have not raised prices since I first set up the website over a decade ago; but two factors make this necessary.  The most important factor is the increase in postage rates — not only because we are moving farther away, but because the USPS has steadily been raising them for years now.  The second is the overall creeping up of prices due to inflation.  I want to keep this as simple as possible, so here is what I propose to do:

A. We will simply raise the price per bag (14 ounces) from $12 to $14.  This will help us absorb some of the shipping cost.  (For example, shipping 4 bags priority mail cost us $16 — $2 per bag more helps us absorb half of that — the rest brings what we get per bag on that size order, recommended, down to $10 per bag).  

B. We will keep the same shipping prices/arrangements but recommend (I will try to change the website drop down) that you order either 2 bags or 4 bags at a time.  Those are the most cost efficient for shipping.

C. Customer dread (it really is dread and for good reason) of running out of our fresh roasted coffee and having to drink nasty stale store-bought stuff is a common experience expressed to us by many.  Here is how you can avoid that dread.  Order 4 bags at a time from us.  Put 3 bags right into your freezer and open 1 bag right away and start brewing.  When you finish the first bag, take out the second and start brewing.  Do not take the bags in and out repeatedly.  Simply one in when you receive it and one out when you need it.  The frozen bags will be about 95% as good as the first bag– no nasty aftertaste, bitterness, etc… The bags will keep in the freezer just fine for several months — long enough for a true coffee lover to need.

We thank you all for your loyalty and patience with this big transition in our lives.  But Green Truck Coffee will keep on trucking — that’s how we roll.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions or suggestions: at Steve 910-581-6850 or Barbara 910-467-4695 or